Peaceful feat. Zenith, Label Motion and Memento mori (chouchou)

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I am a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that you can have peace of mind  where ever you are you just have to hold on to the beauty you see and once in a while smile.

Chouchou's Memento mori is one of my Happy Places in SL, the Duo has a few builds in SL but Memento is my favorite, has been for years actually. To me is both beautiful and haunting at the same time and honestly just sitting there and admiring the work that went in to this is worth the trip every time.

When i finally got the =Zenith=Nineteenth Century Long skirt & Headpiece - RARE from Vintage Gacha i was all exited because i had the pictures and post already in my mind , i was just missing a piece or two to make it perfect.

And that is where one of my all time favorite Posemakers came in Label Motion . I remembered a while back she had participated in the Wayward carnival and there i found the Pose pack with perfect Wings! But the poses in the pack were not going to work for what i had in mind but i went looking in my really messy inventory for the pack i wanted , its called Petals.

I hate to toot my own horn here but i do think the pictures came out great and exactly what i wanted with minimal editing 

                                      Cuppy is wearing
                                  Label Motion - Wings
                               pr!tty - Lilah - Group Gift
=Zenith=Nineteenth Century Long skirt & Headpiece - RARE 
                   **RE** Raven Collar - Key - Female

                First three pictures are build in to my AO 

          Last one is from the Petal pose pack by Label Motion

And at last shout out to the dutch dork who keeps distracting me while i attempt to write this ! 

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  1. Awesome place, outfit and pose. Looking very pretty :)