Winter Wonder in The Land of Lycans

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This time of year things start getting colder, or are already freezing cold! Thanks Giving around the corner for my american friends , Hanukkah and Christmas following right behind! 
Getting in a snowy mood now? No? Well then Land of The Lycans might change your mind. Around this time of year Alpha Moon's Pack Land turns in to a Winter Wonder land. 

               No Children allowed, it is a fantasy RP Sim after all and                            Bloodlines are active on the sim

Please pick up your Welcome Package at the Landing point and respect the rules of the pack land, you are after all only a guest!
So when you come to the NO ENTRY signs Please respect that. This is after all their home, you would not want some one snooping around your personal space now would you?
 Land of the Lycans is also home to Club Lumenos with events running and live DJ's

 As you can see there is plenty to see and admire, so say Thank you Alpha Moon for sharing their home with you while you are there visiting

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit our home and to include is in your blog

    Alpha Moon Lupa