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The artist Shed Memories

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The Artist Shed has become one of my favorite creators to blog, Marge always has such cute pieces it makes my little heart all happy! 
Personally i think she outdid herself for this round of TWE12VE
I love a challenge and when i opened her pack yesterday i knew exactly what house i wanted to put it in. Scarlet Creative's Nerites Folly House  was the challenge as it has been sitting in my inv. for ages waiting and waiting for me to say 'YES, i found the perfect thing to do!'

for TWE12VE
Remember the Memories Bench
Remember the Memories Box (3 Stack)
Remember the Memories Box (4 Stack) 
Remember the Memories Box (4 Stack) 

other Decor
morrison wall art light.

 Memories - Frame1 Moscow - Dark
Memories - Ottoman - Light

Memories of Love (freed), lit
 Memories of Night (freed), lit

 rustic shelf

camellia chair

Coming up Roses - Easel (White + Roses)
Blossoming Birdcage - Ivory White

 The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Plant MT
Nerites Folly House Rare

Tropical plant on Worn out Wooden Stepladder 

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