Memories remain

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This round's theme for TWE12VE is Memories. It is a great theme. We all have memories we either like to keep or would love to forget. I may be sentimental in that way but i do keep anything and everything that is connected to a memory may it be good or may it be bad. You are talking about the women who has kept her children's  outfits and blanket they came home with from the hospital neatly stashed each in their own box in her closet, the person who kept NICU monitoring charts of her Angel. Each memory we have is precious to the individual person, they may mean nothing to some one else but they mean some thing to you. They are part of who we are, they make us unique and we hang on to them for our own reasons. 
My memories in SL mostly consists of Pictures, eight years of pictures. Friends come and gone, lives changed and lived, laughs and even tears connected to these pictures. Some of my fondest ones are from when i first started out, meeting J, who to this day is one of the people i connect with closely each time we see each other. Elise,Rhi and Az who I have never met either in RL but over the course of years have become like  older sisters and a brother to me. Charlie and Blaze who literally  were my saving grace when i hit rock bottom. Bambs who has been by my side for two years now, not in person, but in every other aspect. Now i ask you, do the memories you make in SL not carry over to your RL in some shape? For me some do and that is where the line blurs for some people but for me there is no line.

for TWE12VE
Memories - In Love
Memories - One Song
 Memories - Making Memories
Memories - Memories forever

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Meche Cozy Cottage Rug 1

 camellia chair 

 Book of Sorrows

in the rain drop lamp

[Keira] Picture frames

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