Cozy Pets

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Oh lookie it is that time of year again, its getting cold and yuckie, some parts here in Germany already had snow. What better time to bundle up and get cozy in the warm house, that is if you can find space to do so.
Raindale's new release suits that theme perfectly, couple that with a few pieces of Dust Bunny and one of my fav's 8f8 and you could be ready to just sit for hours.


Salford coffee table
Salford couch (Texture change menu via included HUD)
Salford tray
available at Pose Lover&Friends starting on the 11th of Nov.

  melted candle
  my plaid chair

Granny's Winter Cottage - Cushions Pair
primavera in Toscana Firewood
primavera in Toscana Pokers

flottante puppy. milk

Sleepy Bengal

* My Cute Mouse * Black Head Mouse
available at on9

Happy Shopping! 

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