"six o'clock",

Comfy, Cozy and Quiet

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With the weather outside getting colder and yuckier, i need something comfy and cozy to come home to. This space would be perfect for that! 

BIGBULLY released these really cool Disk Lamps that i just couldn't resist! Couple that with some Apt B //, ARIA from Novembers Deco(c)rate, [ zerkalo ],  Stockholm&Lima and "six o'clock" and my November cozy corner is ready !

 Disc Lamp (New Release) for Tres Chic
City Map Prints

 wallart (paintings took apart to lean on the bear and couch)

 Rustic Now - Stacked Pillows
Country Living Stars
Old & Rusted - Picture Chair
Douze Roses - Basket Pillows

shabby01 door bookcase

Brynn Leather Sofa

Princess Suite Big Teddy Bear
Failed Adulting Floor Rug

 Female Sub Pillow [gacha] White Lace

The infamous Armchair - Gift Black

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