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I am ready for my close up

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It's been a journey over the last year. I started this blog as a hobby because i love taking pictures and I needed to find something new in SL, since then it has grown in to more then i had ever thought it could. I am still finding myself, learning the ropes hoping to improve on what i do and how i do.
There have been many days where i wanted to just throw the towel, Bambs can attest to that, and then there have been days where i am just proud of what i do. 
I do not consider myself as an exceptional artist of photographer there are many many people out there with a greater talent and skill then me, but i love what i do and i do it with a passion.
I have met some really incredible people along the road and many very talented creators and fellow bloggers, some of whom i now call friends.
I want to say Thank you to those who have stuck with me along this way! 


Cuppy is wearing 

Catwa Applier - Gabriela - Asia


Sovereign Eyes Midnight

at the Kinky Event
Started Oct 25 

because I havent wanted to take it off just yet ( sue me!)


for Color me Project
Sandra Dress::Maitreya, Shoes included

 Boho Watch- Pink

Boho Ring (Flower) - Sliver

.tree ( by Karla Marama owner of pr!tty)
boho set

Shabby Tabby
Whiskey + Lace Shelf

[ zerkalo ]

Vintage Campaign Study - Box with Books
Hidden Gems - Flower Vase

Bicolore Vase - Blue

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