Letting go

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There comes in time in your life when you just have to let things go. May it be an event in your life or a person you have held on to longer then you should.
For me personally I have an issue letting people go, not physically, but i think you know what i mean. I try to fix things and with people i care for i have more patience then i should at times. I tend to give chance after chance after chance, some one once told me that if i was the butt of a joke then it was no ones fault but my own, because i let them. 
But i really don't like to see the bad in people, especially in SL, the part who lies to you who plays a game with the person behind the screen. I am pretty open about myself and my RL to people i know and i know i can trust, but i don't lie to some one when they just ask a question. In my 8 years in SL i have seen it all, at least i hope i have, friends coming and going, real relationships built, hearts broken, calculated deceit, the beauty of real friendships and the bond you can have with a person you never have met face to face. I can call myself lucky to have a couple of those people in my SL, the ones i can see myself 10 years down the road still being friends maybe even hopefully be able to squeeze in to a hug. But i also do have those that i honestly thought were part of that, who i had to let go of eventually for one reason or another. It is not that i do not care about them, it is more that they do not care for me as a person as i do. SL is what you make of it honestly and i chose to not make it a game with peoples feelings, i respect their decisions when that is what SL is for them. 

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