A little Baby Girl

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So I decided to leave my home today for the first time in about a week to go see a friend (yes I do have those). And just let me say I regretted it about 30 minutes later.
To this day, almost 8 years after i first rezzed in SL, it still amazes me how closed minded people are.
A part of me gets it and I am sure I have my moments but i genuinely try not to be like that. So here I am at the Temple just hanging around and this person comes in to my box and first off starts out with " I see you are a Babygirl. How many of you gold digging back stabbing little freaks are around SL?" 
UHM Wow! . OK..... yeah..... 
Yes I am a Baby girl, yes I am a submissive, yes I can be a little, yes I can be freaky ( well that all depends on what your definition of freak is). Am I a gold digger? HA no, I hate it when people buy me things or give me Linden unless it is for a job I've done for them or I deserved a reward for something. Backstabbing? mmm not sure about that but i honestly never have intentionally stabbed some one in the back, I can be vindictive yes but no not backstabbing.
Next he continued with " Don't you think there is something sick and twisted about men and girls playing Daddy and Daughter?" 
Hold on a minute there.
I dont know where he got his view of Baby girls and Daddy Dom's from but it is NOT like that in the slightest. I get in SL a Baby girl sub gets the reputation of easy, slutty, toy, stupid, untrustworthy and anything but loyal, and I know my fair share of those girls and they do outweigh the good ones by lets say 8 to 1. But with everything else you can not judge all BBG's by the bad ones you meet. A true Baby girl is loyal to her Daddy, works hard to make him proud which in return makes her proud of herself, carries herself in a way that would never reflect bad on her Dom just like any other Submissive would. Sadly usually our thoughts get dismissed by Doms or other Subs because they think we do not understand the concept of Domination and Submission. Let me tell you something here, we may be littles, we may be more child like in behavior at times even in looks but we are neither dumb nor less worthy of your time and effort to get to know us and what we are about, after all we are adults just a little different from you. We can carry an intelligent conversation and have our own opinions and views, and no they do not always revolve around toys and coloring books not to mention we have more talents then for the lack of better words jump around and make some ones pants all tight.

tweedle bears 
red riding bear
 Poindexter Bear
Sub Ottoman
Down The Rabbit Hole Chair
 Babygirl Pillow
 Deceptively Innocent Blocks (Babygirl)
 Crystal Romance Garland - Bow
Heart Glitter - Pink C
 Captive - Cage Warm
 Guilty Pleasures Sideboard
wood beaded curtain
Coloring Book


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