Enjoying the last rays of sun

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Fall is up on us and I am here to tell you............
It is flipping coooooooooold! We already had our first frost here and my pumpkins and zucchini did not like it at all.
It is almost time to pack up the yard, but not just yet there is still hope of a few days of sunhine to take in, hey i am being optimistic here, i'm trying something new! 
Meanwhile let me introduce my newest sponsor Raindale, I am so glad to have her and her totally adorable things.

 Autumn Owl Bench
 Autumn Bench
found this randomly in my inventory from a long long time ago, we both were part of the Sequin Event and i still can not believe i missed this set. But then again I was not blogging yet so here is to Rosemaery for surprising me again lol.
 Autumn Warmth Shutter RARE
Autumn Warmth Caged Pumpkins
Autumn Warmth Yarny Pumpkins
Autumn Warmth Glitter Pumpkins
Autumn's eve Table
Autumn's eve Chair
 autumn cover ( Leaves on the ground)
Meadow grass  ~ dry
 tree swing (Group Gift)
Magical Da Vinci Machine Antique 
Magical Hot Air Balloon Bike Gold - RARE
runs until the end of the month ! 
in to the Woods (Halloween)

Cuppy is wearing
Glam Affair 
Gabriela (asia) Appliers
Darkness Falls
UGG Boots
 Sweater Cardigans - Maitreya 
 Knitted snood

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