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With everything in life there has to be a balance of things. Going back to what i originally wanted to do, highlighting the possibilities of artful BDSM in SL  and beauty of collaboration with other things.

In RL it is a lifestyle choice, in SL to most it is more of a game to see how many 'Submissive' you can pile around you. It has very little to do with an actual D/S relationship, where trust, loyalty and devotion are key. At times it frustrates me to watch or talk to these people who in reality have no clue what it is really about.
I hold myself to high morals and standards which at times i admit i will reflect on to other people and maybe i do look down on them for not having those standards and morals, but to me these people make my lifestyle choice look ugly and sickening. They take something that can be beautiful and make it in to something that gives people the impression that this is how it is.

camellia couch and Chair
 hammock chair
 secretary desk . clutter
wanderlust . blanket ladder
 round curtain
ruffle rug
 flutter skybox

bookcart for wizard
 bookcart for her
secret prize 2
smile lightbox/warmlight
 bookstore chair -royal blue
knitting 4
record player/sky
siberian root / 5

Effie's Photos Light - Set 1
Charlize's Frame
Braided Rug

Capturado Scrollwork
Capturado Utility Shelf
Gerbera Daisy Vase
Capturado Whipping Cane
Capturado Dripping Candles

 Rustic Display Table v2

Modern Living Gacha - Marble Coffee Table 


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