Who says?

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Who says girls don't game? I dare you! Last i checked i am a girl, but i guess i can check again just to be sure! 
I've been gaming for 13 years maybe more, ok that may make me old in some peoples eyes but i like to call it experienced :P. 

available at TWE12VE 
love robot - cornflower
love robot - green 
love robot - blush 

available at TWE12VE  
A Few Shades of Grey Sofa 

Retrogaming Tea Table B/W vinyl edition 

geeky game controllers 

 Nerd Haven - Comics
 Nerd Haven - Game Station - Brown - RARE
 Nerd Haven - Projector Screen
 Nerd Haven - Poster [Aggro]
 Nerd Haven - Poster [DPS] 

Mates Pizza 

Pose Set 
available at Fetish Fair 
Love Games -  01 RARE 

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