Sushi Dinner!

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BIGBULLY is also participating in Madpea's International Food Fair  bringing you this sleek and chic Dining room set 

Soren Dining Table Black and Chairs

Delish Prints - Nom Nom Nom 
Delish Prints - Bon Appetit 
Victorian Wireframe Mirror - Black 

Magic Frozen Roses 
for January's Deco(c)rate 

Winter Chandelier 
for January's Deco(c)rate 

Little Victorian Spanking Bench 
for January's Deco(c)rate 

 Rising Sun Delicates - Ringo Stars
 Rising Sun Delicates - Oshi Zushi 
 Rising Sun Delicates - Oshi Zushi 

Sushi & Sashimi Time (Drinks)
Sushi & Sashimi Time (Asst. 3 Rolls & Sashimi)
Sushi & Sashimi Time (Asst. 4 Hand Rolls) 
Sushi & Sashimi Time (Accoutrements) 
Sushi & Sashimi Time (Asst. 1 Mix atop Rice) 

long sideboard / black 

Summer Breeze Twigs in Vase 

Capturado Dripping Candles 
Capturado Vibrator Set 

 Bamboo Cane 

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