Holiday Kindness

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Yes, yes i know i said i was going on Holiday break, but ya know Crap happens and usually to me lol. While i am impatiently waiting on my Holiday break to start, i so hope with in the next day or so, i decided to give you a look in to my personal SL home. Right before i went on break Cwtch. send me this print with a quote from Aesop: 'No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.' 
With all the things going on in this world that quote seems more true then ever and to add to that a little we should all think about the little acts of judgement we do on a daily basis that keep us from being kind to one another. Anything, even something as small as a true smile can be kind in some ones eyes and maybe brighten up their day just a little, you never know what they might be going through.
With that said my family and i wish you all a Happy Holiday season and a blessed New Year ! 
<3 CuppyCakes 

Aesop's Fable Print and hanging

christmas tree RARE
 present pile

 Salford couch
 Larimer floor cushion 
upcyclers tray

Adventures Picture Frame

Toronto-Picture 1&2

 Marble Fireplace with deco

Mistletoe Lodge for C88

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