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[blissiere] brings you some thing out side the box for the TWE12VE Event this round. It is hard to find anything other then Christmas related, which i personally find sad, with all the different cultures and religions in SL there should be more diversity. I went looking for things matching this set and i was disappointed in the lack of quality choices, CHEZ MOI did a set last year which matched perfectly and their quality never fails me! Artisan Fantasy had a small selection too, which is great ! 

available at TWE12VE
 hanukkah party set gacha
dreidel bunting
 star of david wall art
peace love light wall art
oy to the world wall art
dreidel cookie tower
cake pops
rice krispie treats
 judaica cookies
 linzer cookies
serving table

hanukkah salon set
nes gadol haya po wall art
 comfy chair
star of david rug

Chanukah Frame w Stings
Hanukkah Boxes
Coin & Dreidel 

Hanukkah Gift Box 4
Hanukkah Gift Box 2
Hanukkah Gift Box 3
Hanukkah Gift Box 5

The Arcade J 16 - Nerites Folly House MT RARE

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