Wine and Dine

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Woodhurst Set 
3 types of chairs 
table with table runner and centerpiece 

 Somerfield lemonade 

Sugarvale ~ vase of daisies 

 storage bench 

 Forestholm cushions (deco) 

Potted Lilly of the Valley 

Watercolour Aloe Print 
Watercolour Plant Print 

recycled window (brown) 
window frame. mirror 
farmhouse kitchen - shelf wall 
 farmhouse kitchen - rug 

Pepta Glasses 

apothecary counter 
small spaces kitchen . sink cabinet 

 The Wine Cellar / Wall Art (Glass) 

Hanging Casseroles 

 Fridge Yellow 
Stove Yellow 
Hanging Utilities 

 Mercantile Bookshelf 
Lightbulb Terrarium 
Urne de Terra Cuite 

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