Suck it

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No i'm not back, this is just a little something something and let me tell you this simple shot was an entire weeks worth of work.
My stuff is still not here, so i am currently either on mobile or on this really really old crappy laptop that freezes and crashes at random times. Each time i log in i have to wait a good  20 Minutes to rezz my Avi let alone anything around me. So if you happen to catch me online don't be afraid to say Hello, I do not bite unless provoked. I want to thank my sponsors who have put up with this and appreciate those who have understood my situation and still kept my spot. I promise it is almost over, well that is at least what what the shipping company tells me, i keep calling them every day! I am on a first name basis with the office lol. According to them the boat my crates are on should be docking in California on the 29th of July and then i can make an appointment for them to bring here to New Mexico.
Ok enough about me here is your postie and again the quality is NOT what it usually is due to lame old laptop! 

Bento head Catya 


 <Crystal> - Doll V2 - Catwa head Appliers
<Crystal> Body and Hands Appliers 

Sovereign Eyes Midnight 

(July Group Gift) 


Bailey Set [Gold]

 Neaera Arm Cuffs 

Leticia Bikini 

Suckit Pose (bento)

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