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In her own Fairytale

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Eventually we all have to grow up, some do it more some less. 
But i like to believe not every one completely looses that little "child" inside of us , that happy little part that liked to play in the dirt, read or hear stories and truly believed in the good of the world. The little person that saw things in a different light  and hopefully was sheltered by loving parents from most of the cruel things adults could do. 
I was lucky enough to have a mother who tried her best to do just that, not always successfully but she still tried.
To this day i tend to be a dreamer some might even consider me naive, i dont like to believe in the bad of people in general even in this world we live in now and the way it has become.
In a way on some days i am in my own little fairytale of some sorts and on others it might be a nightmare in its own.

The Gacha Garden  New Round started August 1st
hive  fairytale princess sign, fairytale sideboard, fairytale sign, fairytale hutch, fairytale bed [pg] RARE,  fairytale rug, fairytale princess mirror [exclusive], fairytale room divider
[Fetch] Uptown Skybox - Pastels ( I will have three spares for Sale on the dock) 

other decor and furniture 
Cheeky Pea  Book Nook Candle Bag Frame 1, Book Nook Blanket Reading Cosy (PG)
[ zerkalo ]  Beauty in the ordinary - Candles on a branch
Dust Bunny wanderlust . upcycled typewriter, wanderlust . rope swing, wanderlust . branch chandelier,  wanderlust . blanket ladder, blanket stool, wanderlust . belted pillows, storybook living . suitcase stack
~BAZAR~  Stockholm-Bedroom Books 
CREATIVE STUDIO  Decorative Branch
Cheeky Amour Serene Vase with twinkle  branches
{ MuddPuddles } Royal Canopy
tarte hanging candle, Vino Sign
+Half-Deer+ Messy Blanket/Rug
*YS&YS*  Wine Set Used, Wine Set
FLECHA/Black Jack  Rocking horse and tricycle 

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