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*slowly hangs her head in shame* I almost totally forgot about Evil Bunny Productions Fable Event ....... i said almost ....... 
So i will be packing loads of it in to the next couple of posts because RL sucks and i have company coming tomorrow, that i honestly did not plan on having, which in return means my SL time is gooooooooone. 

First off i have [blissiere]  , i adore that shop, i really really do and this set is just to cute, even if you are an adult avi! 

[blissiere] for Fable Event  tortoise floor plush, country road rug, hare bookcase 
*Pastiche* also for Fable Event  Season of the Faery

Next up we have The Artist Shed  and some more *Pastiche* , I'm always exited to see those on my list !    

All Deco is available at Fable Event 
The Artist Shed The Princess and the Pillow Stack, Kingston's Rest, Golden Arrows, Fable Candle (Short) and Long, Royals Plaque, Checkmate Table, Fur Rug
*Pastiche* Accent Table with Decor, *Pastiche* Woodlands Shelf

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