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This one gave me issues for 2 days lol, 
by the time this morning rolled around I was cursing 
Gwen while drinking my coffee.
I dont think i have ever let so many F*bombs fly before 6 AM in my life lol.
Bento head Catya 

Lona Head appliers (Creme) 
(Creme) Body Appliers 

<Crystal> - Doll V2 Eyebrows 

 Carla V2

Basset Gacha
 Goddess Silk Ornament Skirt **GOLD**
 Goddess Silk Pearl Top **GOLD**
Thigh Bands

Shallows - Henna Arms and Legs Tattoo

 Khnum Horns [Gold]
Scarab Circlet [Gold]
Horus Throne [RARE] 

Palm tree

 Mediterranean Palm

Backdrop Pillars

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