BigBully @the Arcade!

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Had to take a little breather here, so much stress and so little time 
coming back after a couple days away i bring you BIGBULLY 
Kai brings you some big things to this months Arcade 
So big in fact i had to do two shots:P 

@  Arcade 
Mid Century Minimal Armchair RARE x2
Mid Century Minimal Shelf x2
Mid Century Minimal Buffet 
Mid Century Minimal Sculptural Mirrors 
Mid Century Minimal Chandelier RARE 
Mid Century Minimal Rug 
Mid Century Minimal Floor Lamp 

Other BigBully Items 
Modern Living Gacha - Whiskey Set - COMMON 
Modern Living Gacha - Angle Print - COMMON
Modern Living Gacha - Wireframe Bowl - COMMON  

Suspended Cabinet Books 1
Suspended Cabinet Books 3 x2 

Mesh Book Stack B 

Industrial Olives Bowl 

Summer Breeze Twigs in Vase  

Take 2 
@  Arcade 
 Mid Century Minimal Foodie Gallery 
Mid Century Minimal Dining Bench 
 Mid Century Minimal Dining Chair x4 
Mid Century Minimal Dining Table 
Mid Century Minimal Partition 
 Mid Century Minimal Candle 

other BigBully Items 
 Freja Tall Planter - Multi-color Exclusive 

lab vase cone 
tableware - dark x2 
tableware - rosegold x2 
glass of tea 

 Strapped Spheres 
Tribeca Console 
 Circle Shelf Ash Oakl 
Tribeca Vase Cluster 
Wareham Planters 

 Pearl's Table (cloth) 

Light Studio - Stack of Canvas 
Light Studio - Tangled Lights w/ Curtain 

 Pillow Toss Flat Tintable 

NY Basement Loft 

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