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First let me give you a little bit of background on this.

The Last Forever is a new sim/full region opening on April 14th from the creators of West of The Rain, Oobleck Allagash and Nodnol Jameson (KraftWork), and along with the creative team of Kai Mannequin, Brooke Barmy, Rooky Yootz, Triin, and Jack Handy.

The concept is a celebration of the unique town of Marfa, Texas.  Once a dusty, sleepy ranch town in the high desert of West Texas, perhaps known best at that time as the setting for the James Dean movie, Giant, it has over the past few decades emerged into a most unlikely center for art and alternative design.

The Last Forever is a public sim and supported entirely by the five brands present. It is hoped that the Second Life community will feel welcome at any time and that it will of course inspire real-life visits to the special town and region that is Marfa and West Texas.

The suspended cabinet pictured in this post will be the group gift from Kraftwork who's main store will be there as well 

Suspended Cabinet (assembled) (opening gift) on April 14th 

Easter Playful Seat 

mannequin. navy 

morrison cushion pile.
 t frame light.
morrison wall art light.
 plan de paris. 

 birdcage candle 

Modern Living Gacha - Ombre Rug  
  Modern Living Gacha - Marble Coffee Table 

C L A V 
Light Studio - Single Couch 

The Loft 
Pepta Glasses 

Glam Affair 
Couch RARE  

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