The Cottage

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I love getting surprises from Raindale i personally think Keira does a marvelous job and i am slightly jealous that i can not get my head around a mesh making program lol.
This Gacha set she brings to the Crossroads Event is just to cute! 

at the Crossroads Event 
Birdside sofa Rare 
Birdside chest of drawers 
Birdside mirror  
Birdside teaset 
Birdside candlestick 
Birdside frames 
Birdside vase 
Birdside table 
Birdside pancakes 
Birdside chandelier  

other Raindale Items 
Sugarvale ~ vase of daisies 

Terrace Flowers Vase (clay)  

Botanicals Console Table 

Old Stool 

closing its doors March 9th 2017 
Rustic Charm rug 
spring sideboard 
recycled window (brown) 
window frame. mirror 

Hello Billy - Vase 

Antique chair {wood} 

picture doors 

Anna Birds - Beige 

villa birdhouse/shorter -earth 

 Anastasia Cottage Wine 

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